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Scribner-Snyder Community Schools



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Wrestling Results Wisner-Pilger Invite

Results for Scribner-Snyder @ Wisner-Pilger Invite (01/06/2018)

Harley Baker (Scribner-Snyder) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Noor  Salat (Omaha Bryan) over Harley Baker (Scribner-Snyder) (Fall 0:19)
Cons. Round 1 - Harley Baker (Scribner-Snyder) over Logan Prismantas (Ralston) (Fall 5:50)
Cons. Semis - Cody Hanvey (Creighton) over Harley Baker (Scribner-Snyder) (Fall 0:43)

James Hudson (Scribner-Snyder) - DNP
Quarterfinals - James Hudson (Scribner-Snyder) over Ethan Lollmann (Elkhorn South) (Fall 0:36)
Semifinals - Colten Ratkovec (East Butler) over James Hudson (Scribner-Snyder) (Fall 2:55)
Cons. Semis - JD Kuhlman (Creighton) over James Hudson (Scribner-Snyder) (Fall 4:00)

Josh McMillen (Scribner-Snyder) - DNP
Quarterfinals - Josh McMillen (Scribner-Snyder) over Alex Fischer (Clarkson/Leigh) (Fall 4:44)
Semifinals - Kenneth Wingender (Omaha Bryan) over Josh McMillen (Scribner-Snyder) (Fall 3:08)
Cons. Semis - Josh McMillen (Scribner-Snyder) over Bode Wortman (Creighton) (Fall 0:55)
3rd Place Match - Josh McMillen (Scribner-Snyder) over Jaxson Jorth (Elkhorn South) (TF 18-2 2:53)

Justin Noel (Scribner-Snyder) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Justin Noel (Scribner-Snyder) over Blake Ford (Elkhorn South) (Fall 2:53)
Quarterfinals - Justin Noel (Scribner-Snyder) over RJ Wilmes (Creighton) (Fall 3:03)
Semifinals - Charlie Lopez (Wakefield-Allen) over Justin Noel (Scribner-Snyder) (Dec 7-2)
Cons. Semis - Justin Noel (Scribner-Snyder) over Colby Harney (Clarkson/Leigh) (Fall 0:34)
3rd Place Match - Cody Heise (East Butler) over Justin Noel (Scribner-Snyder) (Dec 6-4)

Teague Stewart (Scribner-Snyder) - DNP
Champ. Round 1 - Teague Stewart (Scribner-Snyder) over Charles Valle (Elkhorn South) (Fall 3:54)
Quarterfinals - Jacob Widhalm (Omaha Bryan) over Teague Stewart (Scribner-Snyder) (Fall 0:50)
Cons. Round 3 - Teague Stewart (Scribner-Snyder) over Josh Royal (Creighton Prep) (Fall 1:17)
Cons. Semis - Thad Hazen (Creighton) over Teague Stewart (Scribner-Snyder) (Fall 0:43)

You can browse the entire event on Trackwrestling using the following link.